In December 2019 Westclff Rugby Football Club moved into their new clubhouse on the Airport Business Park.  Within the new building is a newly equiped gym which includes rowing machines, spin bike, SkiErg, dumbells (2-36Kg), Seated adjustable leg extension/curl machine, Olympic bars and weight plates, Olympic lifting platform, battle ropes, punching bags,  and more.  The gym is available for use by Players, Members and for hire by 3rd party third party personal trainers.

The equipment was kindly donated to the Club by the Aaron Lewis Foundation , a charity set up in memory of Lieutenant Aaron Lewis, which is committed to transforming lives through sport and community action in the local area and nationally for service and ex-service personnel.

The Aaron Lewis Foundation

Club Instructor & Independant Personal Trainer

Maso Bowles

Maso played professional rugby for over 10 years and then transitioned into the fitness industry. Whether you take part in sport or not, Maso can change the way you view and respond to exercise by showing you that with hard work from yourself and his guidance, anything is possible.

Having spent 6 months learning from accredited Springbok rugby strength & conditioning coach Mark Steele, Maso developed goals that aligned himself as a  leading conduit in the field of strength & conditioning which includes rehab and well being

  • Advanced Level 3 NASM personal trainer
  • Advanced PTA Global personal trainer
  • Pad box
  • Olympic lifting for sports performance
  • Advanced circuit training(HITT, CrossFit,Cross-training)

Gym Time Table

The gym has been made available to members, players, the Club Physio and also 3rd party Personnal Trainers who wish to book time with their own clients.  Personal Trainers will be required to prove a sufficient level of qualification and insurance and will also have to comply with Club requirements.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

The doors of the gym will be open to members on Wednesday evenings 19:00 until 20:00hrs and Sundays from 09:00 until 11:30hrs.  Other garanteed member slots are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings at 06:30 until 07:30hrs , however you will have to tell Maso your coming, so he can let you in.  You can do this by clicking on the Members (Book) link in the timetable and sending him an email.  Maso will also be providing frequent inductions, so if you are interested please email for induction now .Individual members or 3rd party Personnal Trainers can inquire about bookings by clicking on the Available links and sending an email to Maso.  We will try our best to accomodate personnal requests, however it is mainly dependant on if the clubhouse is open at that time.

Users of the gym will be required to follow the rules of the Club, which also include the requirements of Covid-19 mittigations.  CCTY cameras are installed in the gym and their purpose of use includes remote monitoring for safety perposes.  The full scope of use of the cameras can be found in our CCTV Policy.

06:30-06:59Members (Book)ClosedMembers (Book)ClosedMembers (Book)ClosedClosed
07:00-07:29Members (Book)ClosedMembers (Book)ClosedMembers (Book)ClosedClosed
17:30-17:59AvailableSenior Men & WomenAvailableSenior Men & WomenAvailableClosedClosed
18:00-18:29AvailableSenior Men & WomenAvailableSenior Men & WomenAvailableClosedClosed
18:30-18:59AvailableSenior Men & WomenAvailableSenior Men & WomenAvailableClosedClosed
19:00-19:29AvailableSenior Men & WomenMembersSenior Men & WomenAvailableClosedClosed
19:30-19:59AvailableSenior Men & WomenMembersSenior Men & WomenAvailableClosedClosed