Peter Jones

Club Chairman, Chairman of the Executive Committee & Club Director

Westcliff RFC was formed in 1922 as Old Westcliffians Rugby Football Club for ex-pupils of Westcliff High School for Boys. In order to maintain playing standards the Club went open on a limited basis in the 60’s and fully open in the 90’s with a change of name to Westcliff Rugby Football Club.

The Club is approved as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) which brings benefits in respect of the Business Rate and tax relief on some donations. It gives us effectively the status of a charity and is recognition of the role Westcliff RFC plays in the provision of sport in our local community.

Although our most important asset is our members, the Club owns the Clubhouse built in 1984, with a 60 year lease from Southend Council. The pitches are rented annually from the Council and are maintained by them.

The Club is responsible for raising all finance for the Clubhouse and for the development of rugby. It is registered as a Limited Company and also for VAT. Directors are elected at the annual AGM and they are responsible for the efficient management of the Club.

The main income lines are: Membership Subscriptions, Fund Raising and Entertainment, Advertising & Sponsorship, and Management of the Clubhouse

The expenditure is much the same as for any small business with the additional cost of rugby. Audited accounts are provided each year as required by legislation.

In practice, much is delegated to the two main sub-committees – Youth and Senior Rugby. Volunteers always welcome.

We are grateful to those who perform a myriad of administrative roles voluntarily. Without unpaid volunteers, few rugby Clubs would exist. Don’t wait to be asked – please offer your time generously and help the Club.

The Executive Committee

James Beaumont

Club Director

James Evans

Club Director, U18 Coach, Youth Chairman

Ty Harris

Ty Harris

Club Director

Richard Johnson

Hon Secretary, Club Director and U18 Manager

Darren Morrant

Club Director

John Pacey

Club President

Corrie Thomas

Hon Treasurer, Club Director & U16 Coach