All donations to the club are very much appreciated – thank you for your support

Donations and fund raisers are a very important ways to generate funds for the improvement of the club and for the benefit of its members.  The use of these funds are tightly managed by members of the Clubs Executive Committee.

Donations will be used to provide security during these uncertain times and to further improve the quality and equipment of the Club.

New donations and donations that have already been made by members can also generate more money for the Club by registering for Gift Aid. By doing this we will get an extra 25p for every pound donated.

To donate, or to retrospectively register for Gift Aid for donations made in the last 4 years, please fill in the form below:

Donation & Gift Aid Declaration Form

Donation & Optional Gift Aid Declaration

The Clubs current fund raising drive is to help provide additional financial security during the pandemic and for further improvements within and around the clubhouse
If eligible, Gift Aid can boost your donation by 25p for every £1 donated.
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I declare thsat the information provided within this form is true and accurate. (To sign - Please draw your signature on the touch screen or by using the mouse. When using a mouse, hold down the left button to draw. You can start again by clicking on the x in the top right corner.)
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More Gift Aid Information

Gift Aid is a cost effective way of giving to charities such as the Club.

Thanks to the late great Noel Kelleway, former VP & Past 1st XV Captain for his assistance in preparing these


Members can make a donation to the Club via Gift Aid & deduct Basic Rate tax from the sum given. For a donation of (say) £100, tax relief of 20% can be deducted at the present time. The donor pays £80 to the Club and signs a Gift Aid Declaration stating that the amount is a gift subject to Gift Aid.

Our Club Treasurer then makes a claim to HMRC to have the tax deducted paid to the Club. This means that a donor, by making a net gift of £80 has in fact added to the Club’s resources to the tune of £100. The Club receives 25% more than the net sum given. 


Members who pay higher rate tax can not only deduct basic rate tax from their donation but are also entitled to claim higher rate tax relief through the “Other Outgoings” section of their tax return.   

Through the self assessment system, higher rate relief is then given.  A 40% tax payer would make a payment of £80 to WRFC on a £100 donation plus claim a further 20% tax relief through the self assessment system.  In this way the net cost to the member of donating £100 to the Club, is £60.

A 50% taxpayer would receive basic rate relief as described above and also a further 30% tax relief through the self assessment system.  The net cost to the donor is £50 and the Club receives £100.

Our Hon. Treasurer recovers basic tax from HMRC.

This is why approved charitable organisations (Community Amateur Sports Clubs such as Westcliff RFC) are keen to receive Gift Aid donations in addition to Annual Subs.