Tim Ablethorpe - Youth and Minis Chairman and Club Director

The Youth and Mini’s section of Westcliff Rugby Football Club recognises the importance and honor of playing their part in the development of young men and women at the Club.  We run Youth teams at every age group from our Academy (Under 18’s and 17’s) to our Lion Cubs (Under 5’s to pre-school).  Each age group is managed and coached by a team of volunteers who are RFU DBS checked and trained to a minimum level of attainment so they can deliver high standards.  Parents are encouraged to participate and provide a real resource of Managers, Coaches, Administrators and back-room support. Youth Rugby is a genuine family affair.

To ensure best practice the club follows the guidance of the RFU, England Rugby, and at these age groups we follow the recommendations for Age Grade Rugby which are given to protect your child whilst he or she is growing.

Our aim is to develop and deliver Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsmanship whilst have a lot of fun.

We hope to see you soon