Applications for this years Autumn Internationals are now OPEN.

There are 4 matches available to apply for tickets – priced as follows :

Argentina : £65/£85/£96/£106/£117 per ticket – child tickets available at £28

Japan : £44/£54/£65/£70/£80 per ticket – child tickets available at £23

New Zealand :  £91/£111/£132/£158/£174 per ticket – a limited number of child tickets available at £28

South Africa  : £70/£91/£106/£122/£127 per ticket – a limited number of child tickets available at £28

We are able to order ( subject to availability ) an UNLIMITED amount of tickets for the Argentina and Japan matches – so there is no limit on the amount of tickets you can apply for.

New Zealand and South Africa we will have a limited allocation of tickets to both games.  Due to the high demand expected for these two games please do NOT apply for tickets to BOTH games .  Tickets are also most likely to be limited to 2 per person due to demand .

You may apply for tickets to EITHER and if you wish additional tickets to Argentina and Japan.

Applications are to be made by email to the following address with the following information :

[email protected]

Name :

Position at the club : player, member, VP, HLM, Mini or Youth parent , Coach – any other role you may have at the club

Game tickets required for:

Number of tickets required :

Maximum amount willing to pay per ticket :  

Applications should be made by the 31st May 2022 .

You will be notified asap of your allocation and the payment required .

If you request a group number of tickets for the Argentina / Japan (perhaps age groups will look to arrange a day out )  you must appreciate that once your allocation is CONFIRMED the tickets MUST be paid for . In the event of anyone dropping out of the group I will endeavour to re-sell any tickets on your behalf but if Im unsuccessful YOU will be required to pay for them – so please ensure you tell people when organizing a group trip of their commitment .

Any queries or further questions please do not hesitate to contact me .

Ty Harris