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Can your Club and Volunteers support the Emergency Response to Covid-19?

Essex County Council need to raise 1000 DBS cleared volunteers to support a programme of community support for people at greater risk of covid-19 than the general population. There are 400,000 people in Essex in this at-risk group, most of whom we hope are supported by friends and family, but we need a safety net for those who are not. We’re modelling predicted demand, but this is by no means definitive, and we need as many volunteers to support as possible across Essex. Volunteers are being processed through the Essex Welfare Service which is commissioned by the Wellbeing and Public Health Dept. at Essex County Council.

Can your club or volunteers support the effort?

We need volunteers supporting people with daily living tasks, such as shopping. 106 supermarkets have so far agreed to allow volunteers to shop in store and exceed the 3 items or less rule as they are shopping for others. All volunteers will have ID badges and stores have been sent the information below.

How will it work?

Once registered with the Essex Welfare Service and in receipt of your ID the co-ordinators will receive a logon-on for Priority Me. This system enables them to update that they have helped a vulnerable person matched to them by the Essex Welfare Service.

Here is a link to the Essex Welfare Service Website for more information

How to sign up

To register go to and go to volunteer registration, and follow the process.  Active Essex are also interested in hearing from clubs and organisations who may also be able to support the effort in other ways, or have multiple members willing to offer their time together. If your club is already doing some incredible community work, or is willing and able to support your local community’s response to Covid-19, please also contact [email protected]