As with any private sports Club, WRFC relies on volunteers from the range of our membership for a myriad of administrative back-up jobs. Luckily you do not have to play rugby or even know anything about it to become involved.

The Club operates via dedicated Sub-Committees and if you want to help, there is a position for you to do something, somewhere. If we ignore rugby for a mini-second, WRFC trades and is registered as a Limited Company with all the responsibilities that involves. Therefore we need book-keepers, secretaries and salesmen to promote the Clubhouse and our business. These are in addition to Team Managers, Coaches etc for our rugby.

The Club is now Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) approved. Getting interested?


Let’s spread the workload. If you have a particular expertise or talent and have some time to give, we would like to hear from you. As a hobby, it’s better than collecting stamps (but only just).

Your enthusiasm and any specialist knowledge will be welcomed.
The majority of positions are ‘Honorary’ which means unpaid. Some
like Bar Staff receive the modest minimum wage.

If you want to help in some way, contact any of the Directors or Senior and Youth Committee.


You may have a great fund raising wheeze or an entertainment which will give a lot of fun to members and put some money over the bar. Don’t be shy, tell someone. The best entertainments are the simplest and those which give value to members.

You or your friends can hire the Clubhouse for a family or business party. Self cater if you wish. You may know a business who would be pleased to make a donation and sponsor kit and equipment. Join the WRFC Lotto and win big cash prizes.

We appreciate your support. Without it, WRFC would not exist.

If you think you can spare a bit of time and would like to get involved – please email us admin@westcliffrfc.co.uk

Volunteer Recruitment Application Form