If you have submitted a form before you have already agreed to the RFU & Clubs Policies and Procedures and provided consent for medical treatment, photograph taking, filming and publication.

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Membership Subs

Subs are due by the first week of September.

Donation & Gift Aid (Optional)

The Clubs current fund raising drive is to help provide additional financial security during the pandemic and for further improvements within and around the clubhouse
£ 0.00
Cash and cheques should be given to your Team Manager. Please write the names & teams of players on the reverse side of cheques used to make payments. BACS Transfers are made to : Sort code 30-94-26 and Account: 00026636


I, the signee, have the authority to sign on behalf of all the Players stated within this submission, and by signing entering into a Volunteer Player (unpaid player) Agreement/Contract as per the terms of this form for the period of 1 year from 1st Sept 2019 until the 31st August 2020 (To sign - Please draw your signature on the touch screen or by using the mouse. When using a mouse, hold down the left button to draw. You can start again by clicking on the x in the top right corner.)
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