Tour Summary


Rugby Club Hilversum, Sportpark Berestein,
Kininelaantje 7A,
1216 BZ Hilversum,
Tel: 035-6561953,

Rugby Nederlands Letter of Approval: Click Here

Tour Date: 19th April 2019  To:   22nd April 2019

Transportation by coach to the accommodation, via Euro Tunnel or Ferry (tbc)


Centre Parcs,
Het Heijderbos,
Hommersumseweg 43
6598 MC Heijen,
Tel:  +31 485 49 67 00

Self-catering accommodation with onsite restaurants and shops. Accommodation based on people sharing, which will be based on each family unit having their own bedrooms.

A Parent/Guardian is required to accompany their child/children and will be ultimately responsible for their supervision outside of the planned rugby festival.

Cost per Person: £249.00

Payments are due by: 8th February 2019

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Tour Contacts

Tour Manager & First Aider: Alec Hartopp
Tel: 07775 951263

Further Info / T's & C's

Tour Schedule

Our current schedule is as below, and will be subject to refinement.  I will keep you informed of any changes:

Day 1 – Friday 19/04/2019:

  • Tour Open
  • Meet at Westcliff Rugby Football Club @ tbc

 Day 2 – Saturday 20/04/2019:

  • Free morning to enjoy the holiday park / hotel facilities or explore the local area.
  • Afternoon Transfer to the Rugby Club
  • Rugby
  • Transfer back to the accommodation site

 Day 3 – Sunday 21/04/2019:

  • Morning Transfer to the Rugby Club
  • Full day of Rugby
  • Transfer back to the accommodation site

Day 4 – Monday 22/04/2019:

  • Check Out
  • Travel back to Westcliff Rugby Football
  • Estimated arrival: tbc
  • Tour Close

On-site Volunteers

If any of the touring parents/guardians wish to tour and lend a hand then please indicate this to the Tour Manager.  All Volunteers will have to comply with Safeguarding policies and procedures, and successfully complete, or have a valid, RFU DBS check.


To book a place on tour for your please fill out the Online booking Form and make the required  payment (see below).

All bookings, including full payment must be completed by
8th February 2019.

If there are any issues please talk to Alec.

Price includes:

·       Supervision to Club & RFU Standards during Rugby
·       Accommodation
·       Transportation
·       Rugby

Payment Methods -Bank Transfer:

Bank: Barclays
Sort Number: 20-26-23
Account No: 13054365
Account Name: WRFCU13

(Please reference your age group and name against the transfer)

Please be on-time with booking and payments. Delays in payments can put the entire tour at risk.

Other Tour Information


In the Event of an Emergency:

  1. Remain calm and take time to think if possible
  2. Establish the facts and nature of the situation
  3. Ensure all children are safe and supervised
  4. Contact tour manager as soon as possible
  5. Identify if any children/volunteers are hurt and their immediate medical requirements
  6. If medical attention is needed call the first aider or the emergency services for an ambulance
  7. Ensure that the child is accompanied to hospital by an appropriate adult volunteer
  8. Complete an incident form once the situation is resolved.
  9. As with club rugby, any overnight stay in hospital, must be reported to the RFU who will follow up and liaise with the parent if necessary.


If there is a safeguarding issue:

  1. Report the incident to the Tour Safeguarding Officer
  2. Complete RFU Incident/Concern Reporting Form
  3. Tour Safeguarding Officer and Tour Manager will decide the course of action using the RFU Safeguarding Policy, Guidance and Procedures.


In the unlikely event of bad behavior, the tour management team may use sanctions. This could involve loss of activity time.

Home Contacts

has agreed to be the Club Home Contact. The role is to be the point of contact in case of emergency will and co-ordinate between parent/guardians and the tour management team if the touring parent/guardians can not be contacted.

Karen Laycock, the Club Safeguarding Officer, is independent from the planning and management of the tour and should only be contacted where a safeguarding issue occurs and where the Tour Management/Club Home Contact are unable to address.

Suggested kit list:

Towel (for showers)
Toiletry bag – soap, toothpaste & brush
Suitable footwear (such as trainers) for outdoor wear
Suitable indoor footwear
Tracksuit bottoms or similar (not jeans)
Socks & underwear
Pyjamas and slippers / socks
Small torch
A named water bottle
Long sleeved top
Spare sweatshirt
Spare t-shirt
Cold weather items: coat, gloves & hat
Warm weather items:  Sun cream / hat

Mandatory kit: Usual rugby kit including:  base layers, gum shield, shorts, socks, boots etc.


Insurance cover over the tour consists of:

·       Tour Operator Public Liability cover

Financial protection by a fully licensed and bonded members of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents)

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 require the Tour Operator to provide security for the monies that you pay for the package holidays booked with them and for your repatriation in the event of our insolvency.

All tours and trips are operated by miTour Ltd (registered company no. 08972483).

·      Full Center Parcs Insurance Details (Claims may need to be satisfied against Tour Operator Liabilities)

·       The usual RFU Personal Accident Insurance which is included for Rugby

Any additional cover is the responsibility of the individual (e.g. personal holiday insurance and Westcliff RFC will not accept any liability.

Data Protection

Westcliff Rugby club is committed to protect members personal data and complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Reform (GDPR)

The personal data collected for the tour by the Tour Manager will be kept securely and only distributed ,on a need-to-know basis, for the purpose of delivering a safe, enjoyable, tour At this time, with you permission given via the On-line Tour Booking form.  Your data will be shared in line with the Westcliff RFC’s Data Protection Policy, the Data Protection Policy of miTour Ltd, and Centre Parcs

If not listed within the policy, permission will be requested for additional distributions.  All data collected will be destroyed within 1 month of completing the tour.  You have a right to review and amend the data provided, and you also have the right to withdraw your data and also your permission to use that data at any time.  Please contact the Tour Manager if you wish to do this.  Data access will be facilitated as quickly as possible, taking a maximum of 2 weeks to make available.  Data use will stop immediately upon withdrawal of permission. For more information regarding your data protection right please go to the GDPR page on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Useful Documents and Links:

Westcliff RFC Safeguarding Policy
Westcliff RFC Conduct
RFU Policies and guidelines in relation to tours
RFU Safeguarding Policy Guidance and Procedures
General Data Protection Reform