The Club will face new rules if the organisation structure changes and the above are exemptions which allows Non-playing members to keep their votes if we are to become a charitable organisation. If possible and correct, please select one of the above. By doing this you will be asssiting the Club in its operation by reducing future work load.

Membership Subscriptions, Donations & Gift Aid

Membership fees are waived (Exempt) in cases of the President, Life Membership and Hon Vice President awards and other Executive Committee approved positions. However it would be appreciated if these positions donate to the Club. Standing order for a single non playing membership is £10 per month.
Donations will be used to help with the running of the Club and improve the rugby club grounds and facilities.


Please write your name on the reverse side of cheques used to make payments. Standing Order forms can be found on the club website on the Documents and Forms page:

Membership Cards

Westcliff RFC is in the process of developing a membership card system that will provide discounts and benefits to members who accept its terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions for the card can be found below: We would like to highlight that acceptance of the cards Ts&Cs will allow us to contact you to provide details of club promotions, events and any available discounts. This would also allow us to send information from our Club Sponsors to you, which ultimately will help the Club raise funds for our further development. You may, at any time, stop the emails by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. All parties involved will adhere to the Clubs Privacy Policy.

Declaration of Consent

I give my consent for the club to send me "The Westcliff Word", the club e-News Letter via Mail Chimp which contains news, events, and links to sponsors websites. Mail Chimps privacy policy can be found by following the link: the news letter will also be published on the clubs website, and your consent can be removed at any time by selecting the Unsubscribe link on the publication, or by contacting the Clubs Data Officer.
I give my consent for the club to send me notifications via e-mail of planned lunches, dinners and other events. Events will also be published on the clubs website, and your consent can be removed at any time by contacting a member of the Clubs Hospitality team.
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