Legacy Fund – Future of WRFC

As most of you know, this season is likely to be the last year we will be playing rugby at ‘The Gables’ as we prepare to move homes.

We as an Exec, see this move as a way to secure the future of the club and as such, are looking to extend the lease of the clubhouse. This is essential for the survival of the club, as has been outlined by the relocation committee many times in their updates. The current lease runs out in 2045 and we wish to extend this to 2075 securing the club for another 58 years…..at least.

To do this, it is going to cost the club £65,000 plus VAT but we feel this worth doing now, so we move to our new home with the future of the club safely secured.

We are asking for all our members to help raise part of this money and so for this, we are launching a Legacy Fund, where we will be giving regular updates on how much we have raised and who has been involved in raising money for this.

We are asking you to think of events, fund raising ideas and anything you can do to help raise funds to secure the future of our great club. We will be asking all senior teams, youth teams and mini teams to run events and raise money for this.

To start with, we will be putting a box on the membership forms and you can select this and opt to pay an extra £25 when you pay your membership this year. This will go into the fund and will help to kick start the fundraising.

So please tick the box and give an extra £25 in your payment of your subs this year to make sure you are doing your part to secure the future and legacy of our prodigious club.

If you have any fundraising ideas, please email Chris Whiston or Ty Harris. Click here for the membership form.